Admission Brochure 2021-22

Admission Brochure 2021-22

Admission Brochure is the first document you need to read to get the basic understanding of Admission Process. Admission Brochure is the most important document, all the information required for admission is given in the Admission Brochure.

Part – A: Details of Programmes offered by GGSIP University 2021-22

Chapter – 1 : List of Programmes offered by the GGSIP University

Chapter – 2 : Eligibility Criteria and Admission Criteria

Chapter – 3 : Syllabus for Common Entrance Test, Information regarding result awaited cases for Engineering and Professional Programmes (Except for NEET based admissions) and Age Limit

Chapter – 4 : Information regarding Application Form Fee and Common Entrance Test

Chapter – 5 : Seat Allocation

Chapter – 6 : Reservation Polic

Chapter – 7 : NEET based admissions

Chapter – 8 : Offline Counselling Procedure

Chapter – 9 : MBBS, BAMS, BHMS, PGMC & PGAC admission information

Chapter – 10 : Online Counselling Procedure

Part – B : Tentative Counselling Schedule Summary for Academic Session 2021-22 (Online/Offline)

Chapter – 11 : Counselling Schedule Summary

Part – C : Fee Refund Policy 2021-22

Chapter – 12 : Fee Refund Policy

Part – D : Programmewise Seat Intake & Fee Structure Academic Session 2020-21

Chapter – 13 : List of Programmes running in affiliated institutes/ USS during the Academic Session 2020-21

Chapter – 14 : Fee Structure in Self Financing Institutes/Colleges affiliated with GGSIP University 2020-21

Part – E : Details of various specimen forms as Appendices.

Appendix 1: Undertaking for Defence Category.

Appendix2: Certificate for availing admission against physically handicapped quota.

Appendix 3(a): Undertaking for minority candidates

Appendix 3(b): Specimen copy of sikh minority community

Appendix 4(a): Admission verification form for Engg., B.Arch. and Professional Programmes

Appendix 4(b): Admission verification form for MBBS, BDS, BAMS,BHMS

Appendix 4(c): Admission verification form for PGMC & PGAC

Appendix 5: Undertaking by the Result Awaited Candidate for seeking Provisional Admission

Appendix 6: Medical Certificate

Appendix 7: Preference Sheet

Appendix 8: Form for Withdrawal of Admission

Appendix 9: Form for Refund of Excess Fee

Appendix 10 (a): Certificate 1: For admission to ACMS

Appendix 10 (b): Certificate 2: For admission to ACMS

Appendix 10 (c): Certificate 3: For admission to ACMS

Appendix 10 (d): Certificate 4: For admission to ACMS

Appendix 11: Declaration by the candidates/ employer’s certificate (PGMC / SSMC)

Appendix 12: Surety Bond (PGMC /SSMC)

Appendix 13: Undertaking by the student with respect to anti ragging

Appendix 14: Undertaking by the parents with respect to anti ragging

Appendix 15 (a): Children of Serving Army Personnel Having 10 Years Continuous Service in the Army, Retired/Released/Discharged after 10 Years of Service Or Granted/ Awarded Regular/ Family/LiberalisedFamily/Disability Pension

Appendix 15 (b):Step Children of Army Personnel who were born from wedlock where atleast one parent belonged to the Army/ Adopted Children of Army Personnel who have been adopted atleast 5 years prior to Commencement of Course

Appendix 15 (c):Children of Army Medical/Dental Corps Officers serving in Air Force/Navy and Mns/Aps and Ta Personnel

Important Note/Disclaimer:

The contents in the index are on the basis of the policies as available as on this date of release of Admission Brochure for Academic Session 2021 – 2022. The information which is not available in the Admission Brochure shall be uploaded on the University website: and therefore all the candidates desirous of seeking admission are hereby advised to regularly visit the University website for additional information. The contents of this Admission Brochure are subject to issue of any other instructions from the Govt. of NCT of Delhi or any of the statutory authorities.

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